Bankers and site visits: Health and safety issues

Understanding DFIs

  • Target group: Investment Manager / Key Account Manager / Customer Relationship Manager
  • Estimated duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: €79

Course Overview

What non-experts could look for when making a client visit. Beyond looking for workers wearing helmets or asking local community members whether they like the project.


It is usually the investment manager who serves as the financial institutions first point of contact vis a vis a client. He more or less frequently visits the client to discuss financial, technical or legal issues. At the same time financial institutions increasingly have environmental, social or health & safety requirements towards their clients which need to be part of the due diligence and adequately discussed with the clients.

This course explains what investment managers as non-experts could actually look for on the health & safety side when making a client visit. It is much more than looking for workers wearing helmets or asking for neighbouring villagers whether they like the project or not but still it is not complicated if you learn from the cases provided in this training.

On the occupational health and safety side, the course covers aspect inside the factory including fire safety, protective equipment, material safety datasheets, asbestos removal, working at heights, signage, etc.

On the community health and safety side the course studies community engagement, possible sources of nuisance, joint emergency response, grievance mechanisms, etc.

In particular, the course looks into the aspect of how clients should manage the related aspects and how to identify whether or not this is being done or just lip service.

It systematically explains what to do for preparation and during the site visit and contains many illustrated case studies to learn from. In a sample site visit, the trainee is guided through a project site (cement plant) and successfully agrees with the client on an action plan on improving the clients H&S performance.

  • Section 1: Preparing your site visit
  • Section 2: Walking through the company - Occupational health and safety (OHS) issues
  • Section 3: Around the facility - Community health and safety issues
  • Section 4: Related management issues
  • Section 5: Case studies
  • Section 6: Quiz – Ready to become assistant Health&Safety Officer?