Private Equity Funds – Owning E&S risks

Understanding DFIs

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Course Overview

E&S risk management: What Private Equity Funds (PEFs) need to bear in mind when taking ownership of high-risk projects


Being the (co-) owner of an investee company, private equity funds have a much more direct exposure to environmental and social risks of the investee company as compared to banks providing “just a loan”. And not only this, they may even be held reliable if accidents or incidents occur. At the same time, PEF may only have limited in-house expertise for systematically assessing and managing E&S risks (and opportunities).

The present course describes in detail how good E&S management should look like and provides implementation assistance / rationale when setting up an E&S management system respectively implementing respective principles for responsible investments, the investment code or requirements from Development Financing Institutions. It highlights typical implementation barriers, provides for useful, hands-on, non-obvious tips and tricks and presents interesting case studies as well as selected useful resources.